If I Can Make It There, I’ll Make It Anywhere

At the end of May, my partner and I traveled to New York for a week and to see Radiohead, yes Radiohead, TWO NIGHTS in a ROW. I hope anyone reading this understands the insanity of seeing Radiohead live. My parents were fans before I was, so they get it, but there are others I’ve talked to who haven’t heard of them, which almost makes my heart die. It was pretty incredible. We saw them in Newark, NJ and the first night we had seats in the bottom section of the stadium. Pretty good view and it was phenomenal, including Caribou who opened (who I’ve now seen four times, and can’t wait to see again). The second night we got floor tickets. How? From some freak chance of checking Ticketmaster every once in a while. We were so close to Thom Yorke and the band, it was just perfect. Caribou played the same five songs both nights, but was just as enjoyable. And Radiohead played mostly the same set, but changed up a few songs; Paranoid Android the first night, Karma Police the second.
The first night, they closed with Reckoner (probably in my top 3 favorite Radiohead songs) and I teared up. But I think my favorite performance the second night was Thom Yorke and a loop pedal playing Give Up the Ghost (which I will be uploading to youtube soon).

The rest of the trip was spent in Manhattan. We saw Avenue Q and The Book of Mormon which were both fantastic. We also saw The Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim (which unfortunately, the ramp was closed for instillation so we didn’t see much). I loved the MOMA especially and the Cindy Sherman exhibit that we got to see there. I got to see so many pieces by some of my favorite artists including; Renoir, Degas, Kandinsky, Man Ray, Diane Arbus, Duchamp, and more.
Some other highlights were the Journey to the Stars Planetarium show at the Museum of Nat. History, stumbling upon Gavin Degraw’s bar during an after party for his show, meeting up with a Greek musician who Lee has hired to do music for his new game who just happened to move to New York from London the same week we were there and so much more.
Here are a few pictures from our trip:

Strawberry Fields, Central Park

Birds at the Central Park Zoo

Radiohead in Newark, NJ

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