10,000 Pins! Why I Love Pinterest

So, I’ve reached 10,000 pins on Pinterest.
This is a few years worth of pinning, don’t worry.
But I probably do pin a lot more than most people.
Thought I’d write a little bit about why I love Pinterest and how I use it.

Reasons Why I Love Pinterest:
1. Images! I am definitely a visual learner and imagery always catches my attention before anything else, except maybe music. One thing I really dislike about other social media platforms (twitter, google+, reddit) is that they are not eye-pleasing. It doesn’t really matter what people pin, Pinterest always looks so lovely.
Before Pinterest I used to spend my spare time (or time I was supposed to be using to study) browsing Flickr. I would refresh and refresh their Explore 7-Days page over and over again. My flickr favorites is still a place I go back to for inspiration and I wish I still browsed flickr as much as I used to (but it’s not iPad friendly like Pinterest is!) – I just noticed that I have over 10,000 flickr favorites too – though I’ve been collecting those since 2005.

2. It can fit your needs! On Pinterest, you can decide who you follow or what you search for. A while back I was sort of getting sick of the general Pinterest (pins from everyone on Pinterest) because honestly a lot of them weren’t relevant to me (such as thinspiration photos and the same melty crayon craft over and over). But now that the website layout has changed and the homepage is just who you follow, I don’t see as much of that stuff anymore. Another thing that is great is that sometimes I follow people who post a lot of things I like and then some things I don’t. I can choose to unfollow certain boards of theirs (the Thinspiration and Jesus ones) and still see the stuff they post that I enjoy! Can’t do that on Facebook or Twitter, it’s all or nothin!

3. Private boards! You might think that having a private pinterest board is pointless (like a private twitter account), but there are a few ways you can use private boards. I use my private boards to pin things I am embarrassed to pin (I have a Wedding Board and occasionally I’ll pin a picture of Jennifer Lawrence that makes me want to go to a gym). I also use them to pin good ideas that I don’t want other people to steal but I don’t want to forget or lose. You can also use private boards to pin gift ideas for people who follow you on Pinterest.

4. I never use Bookmarks! Not since I had Windows XP at least! Now if I bookmark anything, I never look at it again. I just use Pinterest. For recipes, images I like, blogs I follow, books I want to read, movies I want to watch, things I want to make or buy or that just make me laugh.

A few other ways that I use Pinterest are:

Curating! I create boards with a theme or topic in mind – For example – I have a “Comfortable” board that I pin comfy and cozy images on. It’s sort of a way to escape the world you are in. I also made a “In the Summertime” board earlier this year when I had the winter blues. I included images of things I wanted to do once the sun came out and things I wanted to wear, etc.

Recipes and DIY! Pinterest is a great place to find meal and craft inspiration. I have multiple food related boards; Eats, Dessert for Breakfast, How to Make Your Friends Fat, In the Crockpot, Sweet Drinks and Recipes Worth Keeping – where I keep the ones I’ve tried and liked. I also have a few boards I use for saving crafting and DIY ideas and inspiration.

Showing Off Your Tastes! I am sure there are multiple people I follow on Pinterest who I have never met but based on the things they pin, I know we would be friends. Pinterest is a fun way to show people who you are without “liking” Banana Bread and New York on facebook. My 10,000 pins could maybe reveal a bit too much about me, but that’s the age we live in right?

Planning! Pinterest is the best for planning for future events such as WEDDINGS! BABIES! The giant house you will someday buy/build that will have elements of Bilbo’s hobbit hole, the Burrow and of course the closet that leads to Narnia! It’s also great for planning parties, Christmas gifts, home renovations and more!

Well, I think I’ve gushed enough about Pinterest. Tell me what you love (or hate!) about Pinterest!

Find all of my boards on Pinterest here!

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