A New Year – For Positive Thoughts!

Happy New Year! (Even though it’s almost February!)
I hope everyone survived the holiday season and are excited for the new year!
This year I am working on positive thinking. I often find myself dwelling too much on the negative and it is not helping anyone, especially not me.
So, my biggest new years resolution is to focus on the POSITIVE! Living in a time when so much is possible, the opportunities are limitless.
Often we Generation-Y kids think we are special and can do anything, but we don’t realize that it takes a bit of work.
I read an article, Why Generation-Y Yuppies Are Unhappy (Thanks Bri & Nicole for pointing this one out!) and I think it makes a lot of sense, especially the part about comparing ourselves to others via Facebook. A friend of mine was discussing this with me the other day and she said if you are feeling inadequate or put down by what you see on Facebook, it is your own self who is making you feel that way. People don’t post things on facebook to make you feel bad. You are coming up with those thoughts on your own. You are comparing yourself to the mask that others are portraying. So, GET OFF FACEBOOK.
Go outside! Have a real human interaction! Take your own happy looking photos and post them!

Making yourself feel that way isn’t worth your time. Everyone gets lost in facebook self-pity sometime. So, click here and bookmark it. Then if you find yourself bouncing from one Facebook profile of a high school classmate to another, go to that page and look at kittens instead. Then move on with your life.

Jealously is your own problem. If you wish you were doing something someone else was, go out and do it! What is stopping you? The multiple tabs you have open of Facebook and Pinterest.

Now to divert my angry rant back towards the positive.
I have been trying to reinforce positive thoughts. I have been collecting my favorite quotes for a while on Pinterest, and a lot of them lately have been motivational. Some of them have been said by real people, some were said by tv characters. But what difference does it make?
My favorite lately is this one:

I’m not sure the source because it links to weheartit.com and then to the “fitness” tag on tumblr. And reverse image search just takes me to more tumblr pages. Anyone know the source?

Another quote I’m enjoying is this one;

“Just say yes, and you’ll figure it out afterward” – Tina Fey

I often find myself not inviting a friend over because I don’t know what to serve them, or not agreeing to go to an event because I’m not sure how I’ll get there. JUST SAY YES and figure it out! It’s not that hard and you’ll regret not doing it more than you will great having to figure it out.

So, to conclude this. When you wake up in the morning, try to reflect on the positive things. Maybe it’s the new friend you made yesterday, or the sun shining through your window. Don’t reflect on the angry driver who honked at you yesterday, or the moody sales clerk.
Get up and have a good day because you have decided it will be a good day and don’t let someone else decide that.

Stay tuned to my site here, because next week I’m starting a Mixtape Mondays series. I’ll be posting a mixtape every second Monday or so.
Here’s a song to tide you over; Buzzcut Season by Lorde.

P.S. Lee wrote a post over on his blog about the Steam Dev Days in Seattle this month and his experience with a Valve’s VR demo. Check it out if you’re interested!

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