Learning French! Duolingo

Hello and Happy Easter!

Hope you had a good weekend!
This weekend I decided that I should learn French!
I have never been strong at understanding (or pronouncing) French. I was always more interested in learning Spanish. I like the way it sounds and is so much easier to pronounce. French I find more difficult, but probably because I am so used to the ways of Spanish pronunciation and not used to all the silent letters.

I took a Spanish class on Saturdays when I was a preteen and then took Spanish in university. I have retained quite a bit of Spanish though and can figure out basic sentences I am reading.

As for French I only learned it in Elementary school and then didn’t continue it in high school.
Now that I am living in Ontario, speaking French is quite a bit more applicable than it was in Saskatchewan.
Plus, Lee and I are planning a visit to Montreal soon, though I doubt I’ll be confident enough by then and will probably just stick to English.

I started using Duolingo, a website for learning languages. You can do a placement test at the beginning if you are past beginner, or you can just start from the first lessons. As you learn lessons you get points and you advance in levels. Another thing I like about it is the social part. You can add friends who are also learning and use their progress as a challenge – as well as have friends to converse with in your newly learned language!

I also like that I can do it at my own pace, but it also measures your streak of how many days in a row you’ve practiced, which motivates you to do a little bit everyday!

I tried a bit of Spanish as well, but I think I’m going to stick to French for a while so I don’t confuse the two.
I am at level 5 in French right now. I’ll do a follow up post in a month or so and see how far I got!

If you are interested in learning a language or improving your skills, join Duolingo and follow me here!

Tu manges une pomme et je mange une pomme!

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