Be Prepared

One thing I took away from Girl Guides when I was a kid was the motto, “Be Prepared”.
There were other aspects of guiding that I didn’t really get – the rituals and songs we performed every week, or camping in the winter – IN SASKATCHEWAN! But “Be Prepared” is a pretty smart motto and I am making it my Summer Resolution.
I didn’t make any New Years Resolutions this year because I usually make too many that are too ambitious (take a photo everyday for a year) and too easy to fail immediately (take a photo everyday for a year). Instead I tried to focus on more vague ideas to improve my life this year including Staying Positive.

But as it June now and summer is upon us I wanted to make a little summer resolution to “Be Prepared!”

My first way I thought of applying this resolution was to sunscreen. My parents, Lee and our friend, Dustin, & I all went to the beaches on Saturday and we all got sunburned. We also were not really prepared for beach activities or the weather. It had been cooler for the whole week and Saturday was the first hot day of my parents’ visit.
It made me think about how I could have been better prepared for this day. Could have brought sunscreen, or even better, could always be carrying a travel sized sunscreen in my bag. Could have brought a beach mat, a volleyball or CASH! Could have dressed more appropriately for the weather.

I have also realized lately, since Toronto’s weather has gotten hotter and more muggy since my parents left, that I am not used to this kind of weather. I am not used to my clothes sticking to me and sweating all day. Another thing to be prepared for.

Lee recently bought a portable charger – a battery pack that you carry around with you to charge USB devices. We can both charge our phones with it at the same time. I think it will fully charge your phone 5 times before you need to recharge it again, though we never use it to fully charge our phone so we actually haven’t had to charge it yet.
There have been a few times though, now that we have it, that I wished I would have brought it with me. I do keep a wall charger in my purse just in case, but sometimes I leave the house briefly and don’t notice that my phone has 3% battery left. Then it dies leaving me lost and surrounded by cannons and prairie dogs. Don’t ask.
So, being prepared is having that battery pack charged and bringing it with us everywhere… even if it is heavy.

In the past I have thought people who made 72-hour kits for their homes and families were a little extreme. Being from Saskatchewan where the worst thing that can really happen is a blizzard and occasionally a tornado, I didn’t really understand the need to have food & water stored just-in-case. But I think I get it now. It is especially important when you live in a place affected by hurricanes or other natural disasters. And now living in Toronto, I realize there are things that could go wrong that I should be prepared for. Such as power outages (like the one we thankfully missed at Christmas or when everyone is using their air conditioning at the same time) and also the possibility of storms making their way up here like Hurricane Sandy did a couple years ago.
Anyway, I am going to try to be more prepared for things like that, or at least the heat that I will not be expecting.

Other ways that I will try to Be Prepared include:

  • Planning what I will eat for breakfast or lunch, instead of forgetting to eat.
  • Planning what I will wear the next day.
  • Having things I need to bring somewhere ready to go before I got to bed, so I’m not scrambling to find them in the morning.
  • Being prepared for spontaneous guests
  • Being prepared for job interviews

Is there something you think you do to be more prepared?
Or if this girl guide motto sunk in a long time ago, do you have any summer resolutions of your own?

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