Crisp In The Fall

Is it just me, or does the fall feel more like a new start than New Years does? Maybe it’s because fall always meant starting a new school year with new classes, new teachers, new school supplies, learning new things and meeting new people? Or maybe it’s just because the weather is still nice?
Autumn always gave me warm fuzzy feelings, which might have to do with apple cider, pumpkin pie, fall colours and sweaters.

But when you aren’t returning to school, fall sort of just reminds you that “winter is coming”. I’ve always loved fall weather, but it never lasts long enough. It is there for a week or two and then all the leaves are brown (and the sky is grey) and next thing you know it you are wearing your Halloween costume over your snow suit.

This year, my second year not returning to school, I have decided that I am going to go “Back To School” in my own way.
While I am not actually enrolling in any program, I have challenged myself to keep learning.
Somehow, learning for your own enjoyment and benefit is so much more fun than learning because you are forced to!
Especially now that the internet is chock-full of classes and courses, and I live in Toronto where where there are endless classes and weekend courses offered. Not to mention my Kobo that I can fill with many books and articles to read wherever I am.
I am super excited to continue my education on my own terms.
Stay tuned to find out what courses I end up taking, or what books I am reading. (I am very much considering a Skillshare premium membership!)

Let me know in the comments, are you going back to school? Taking a course? Or reading an interesting book? I’d love to hear about it!

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