How Much Time Would I Save If… I Wore the Same Thing Everyday?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about time, how I use it and how I could save more of it.

Last night while putting away laundry, Lee brought up a point he’s mentioned before, “Why would anyone waste time matching their socks?” And from his point of view, as a person who only owns black socks, it makes sense. When he gets ready he just grabs any two socks from his drawer.

From my point of view, as a person who own so many different coloured and patterned socks (I just can’t resist), I waste so much time in the morning just trying to find ONE pair that matches that I often leave the house wearing two almost matching socks. So, for me matching them when I have the time, saves me time when I don’t.


But then he brought up the many successful people who he admires (or envies) who wear/wore the same thing every day; Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg. I also pointed out to him that they have and can afford to pay someone to drop off and pick up their dry cleaning. So, they can wear a suit every day.

Not to turn this into a rant about expectations for men and women in society, I think it’s interesting that a man can dress the same everyday and he is considered dedicated and not consumed by frivolous things like fashion. But I wouldn’t even dare wear the same thing two days in a row, or for that matter, not even two very nonadjacent days in which I will be seeing the same people (such as Thanksgiving and Christmas).
I have actually considered multiple times, taking a picture of my outfits everyday just to have a record of what I wore and who I saw in order to not repeat myself.

I do enjoy dressing up and picking out clothes and looking at outfits on Pinterest. Though, there has been a great deal of stress in my life caused by “What am I going to wear?”, “I want to look good, but not better than the bride”, “do these pants match this shirt and these shoes?” and “Why do they only make clothes for women with hips and no breasts and not the opposite?”

I get excited to shopping and then get frustrated, and depressed when I get in the change room.
So, I could see the advantage of having a more basic wardrobe as men have. Shirt and jeans everyday, or a suit with the only variations being the tie colour, and then maybe even the socks as a statement.

I do have a few staple pieces in my wardrobe that I love wearing and I feel good in, and I kinda wish I could buy 10 of them in different colours or patterns, unfortunately that’s not how women’s clothing works.
You buy one shirt, realize you really like it and then can never find the same style of shirt again for years.
Same thing with jeans.
I am also irked that women’s business attire (dress shirts, blazers, dress pants and skirts) are all items of clothing that are NOT made for my body type. Making me even more stressed out when it comes to job interviews or business meetings as I want to look professional, but I end up being frustrated that my dress pants won’t stay up and that my shirt keeps coming unbuttoned or feeling frumpy or fat.

Honestly, if I could wear my most comfortable jeans and my mom’s old David Bowie concert shirt everyday I definitely would.

But, back to time. I definitely would save time if my day to day wear was all the same. Even if I only owned one colour of pants.

The other day, I found myself leaving the house wearing my blue floral patterened jeans and a leopard print sweater.
Thankfully where I was going I didn’t need to take off my jacket and it didn’t matter, but if I only owned black pants, I’d never have the brown pants/red shirt problem. Or the brown pants/red JACKET problem.

Man, men have it so easy. Not one of Lee’s shirts would clash with any pair of his pants.

Makes me want to clear out my closet and fill it with simple staples and follow Steve Job’s example.
But I really like my floral patterned pants and my leopard print sweater!

Someone needs to make an app that alerts me before I leave the house wearing a clashing outfit.
Or maybe I just need to move back in with my mom.

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