Wytchwood – A Crafting Game

Alientrap Games new crafting game is coming to PC, Mac (and other platforms) in 2018!
The team is made up of:

Jesse McGibney who did the art and game design for Capsized, Apotheon and Cryptark
Ariane Laurence who also worked on animation for Cryptark
Liam Sauve who is new to our team since 2017
Graeme Collins who also worked on Cryptark
Ryan Roth who did music for Cryptark

I’m very excited about this game, as I am obsessed with Don’t Starve (just played this morning), and recently played Stardew Valley. Crafting games like those are definitely more my type. I could not even complete one level of Cryptark when it was released, I’m just not an experienced gamer.

Wishlist the game on Steam!

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