Today I am Thankful

As I wrote about earlier this year, I have been trying to “Think Positively” as much as I can. It is impossible to be positive at all times, and I would guess it would be pretty annoying to the people around me if I were constantly chipper and looking on the bright side. Sometimes people Read more about Today I am Thankful[…]

MM – Songs I’m Liking Lately & a Life Update!

It’s been a few weeks since I posted the 2nd Mixtape Monday, but I decided to only post them when I feel like it and I wasn’t feelin it. This week though, I wanted to share with you a playlist of songs I’ve been really enjoying lately. You can find the playlist here on 8tracks. Read more about MM – Songs I’m Liking Lately & a Life Update![…]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! #nomakeup #selfie

Hello! And Happy St. Patty’s Day! Hope you are having a wonderful Monday! I am having a caffeinated Monday! But at least my migraine is gone… might have been a caffeine withdrawl migraine since I skipped coffee yesterday. I am having an inspired/lots of ideas Monday. I honestly kind of wish I could shut off Read more about Happy St. Patrick’s Day! #nomakeup #selfie[…]

Six Moons Later – Website Building & Band Experiences

I spent yesterday updating both my website (Did ya notice?!) and the website of my former band, Six Moons Later. As I go, I learn more and more about WordPress, HTML, CSS & design in general. I’m loving it! Those two kids are my bandmates, Anna and Matthew I haven’t mentioned Six Moons Later before Read more about Six Moons Later – Website Building & Band Experiences[…]

A New Year – For Positive Thoughts!

Happy New Year! (Even though it’s almost February!) I hope everyone survived the holiday season and are excited for the new year! This year I am working on positive thinking. I often find myself dwelling too much on the negative and it is not helping anyone, especially not me. So, my biggest new years resolution Read more about A New Year – For Positive Thoughts![…]

Saskatoon Fringe Festival 2012

This week I am selling my photos at the Saskatoon Fringe Festival. A few friends and I are sharing a booth and selling things such as prints, postcards, magnets and bags. I have also been dancing at the Fringe. It has been a very busy week. But I’m looking forward to the rest of it. Read more about Saskatoon Fringe Festival 2012[…]

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