Our Move to Toronto

A little over a month ago, my partner and I moved to Toronto from Saskatoon.
It was quite the adventure for us since we’ve both (basically) lived in Saskatoon our whole lives.

It was a challenge because I didn’t realize how much stuff I had, and I also didn’t really realize that until a couple days before we left.
We sold most of our furniture on Kijiji and gave the rest away. Then packed up everything we weren’t giving to Salvation Army in my Pontiac Vibe and drove to Toronto.

Surprisingly, we actually had room left in the car. And there are a few things we wished we wouldn’t have left behind (my guitar being the main one).

I really regret leaving so much to the last minute. There has been one thing after another that has caused me to think “What the heck happened to that?” I am sure some things got thrown out. The rest is probably at my parents, somewhere in the stuff we brought or in a nook or cranny in my car.

The place we moved into is tiny. It is a fully-furnished short-term rental. No stove. Just a mini fridge.
Though there is a BBQ, which we’ve used a lot.

The view from our doors. It is a basement suite, but the sunken entrance lets in some light.

Lee is in love with bbqing! Steak or chicken for dinner most nights!

Lee and I were both working from home for the last month, which we had been doing back in Saskatoon but in two separate rooms. Here we had to work face to face at our kitchen table.

We have enjoyed Toronto so far! We got to see Nuit Blanche at the beginning of October. And we went to the Toronto Zoo (on probably the busiest, and most perfect day).
We have made a few friends and hopefully will make some more.

Nuit Blanche 2013 at Nathan Phillip’s Square on October 5th. Was a good way to realize how big of a city we are in. Never seen that many people in one place.

Lee at the Toronto Zoo on Thanksgiving Weekend. The weekend every parent in Toronto took their kids to the zoo.

We were lucky and got to see the elephants on the last weekend they were in Toronto. They have now been moved to California.

Since the place we are living in is tiny and we always intended it to be temporary, we have found a new place to live and will be moving Dec 1st! We are super excited because we are renting a condo in down town Toronto! It will be a first time living in a building (rather than a house) for both of us. This also means we will be needing to buy some furniture, so let that adventure begin!
Getting pretty excited for this new place and mostly excited to have a stove and a freezer again (made way too much Crockpot Quinoa Chicken Chili tonight and don’t know what to do with it!)

I’m getting pretty excited for Christmas, which is strange because I’m usually a grinch. But this year is different since we are actually “going home for Christmas.” I’ve got the greatest gift idea for Lee. Can’t tell you cause he’ll read this, but I’ll post about it when I give it to him.

If anyone has been to Toronto or is from here, we’d love some recommendations for places to go and restaurants to eat at!

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