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MM – Songs I’m Liking Lately & a Life Update!

It’s been a few weeks since I posted the 2nd Mixtape Monday, but I decided to only post them when I feel like it and I wasn’t feelin it. This week though, I wanted to share with you a playlist of songs I’ve been really enjoying lately. You can find the playlist here on 8tracks. Read more about MM – Songs I’m Liking Lately & a Life Update![…]

100 Rejections

I was reading through Tammie Bennett’s blog and drooling over her pattern designs and itching to dabble into pattern design and illustration myself (and not knowing where to start) and she mentioned 100 Rejections and linked to Piddix’s post about Striving for 100 Rejections in 100 Days. Tammie’s idea of 100 Rejections was to get Read more about 100 Rejections[…]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! #nomakeup #selfie

Hello! And Happy St. Patty’s Day! Hope you are having a wonderful Monday! I am having a caffeinated Monday! But at least my migraine is gone… might have been a caffeine withdrawl migraine since I skipped coffee yesterday. I am having an inspired/lots of ideas Monday. I honestly kind of wish I could shut off Read more about Happy St. Patrick’s Day! #nomakeup #selfie[…]

Building Your Online Presence Pt. 1

This is Part One of two articles about how to build your online branding presence as an artist and why it is important to do so and to be easily found as an artist in 2014. In this post I will talk about choosing your business name, branding and building your website. In Part Two Read more about Building Your Online Presence Pt. 1[…]

February Favorites

Wanted to write a little post about what I’ve been loving in February before it is too far into March. (How the heck is it March already?) This is my first monthly favorites, not sure if I’ll do one every month or not. Depends on how many things I’m loving at that time. It seems Read more about February Favorites[…]

Mixtape Mondays – Ten Songs I Will Listen to For the Rest of My Life

Follow my blog with Bloglovin For Week Two of Mixtape Mondays (yes I know it’s Tuesday, but yesterday was a holiday) I have made a short playlist of “Ten Songs I Will Listen to For the Rest of My Life.” Every time I hear one of my favorite songs and am reminded again of why Read more about Mixtape Mondays – Ten Songs I Will Listen to For the Rest of My Life[…]

Six Moons Later – Website Building & Band Experiences

I spent yesterday updating both my website (Did ya notice?!) and the website of my former band, Six Moons Later. As I go, I learn more and more about WordPress, HTML, CSS & design in general. I’m loving it! Those two kids are my bandmates, Anna and Matthew I haven’t mentioned Six Moons Later before Read more about Six Moons Later – Website Building & Band Experiences[…]

Get Your Blog Organized in 2014 – Free Blog Calendar Template

In 2014, use this Google Spreadsheet to get organized and plan our your blogging year! I created this spreadsheet after reading, How to Plan Out One Year of Blog Post Ideas from I took her ideas and applied it to my own spreadsheet to plan out my blog. I thought before I started plugging Read more about Get Your Blog Organized in 2014 – Free Blog Calendar Template[…]

Mixtape Mondays – Love Songs

Mixtape Mondays is a blog series I’m starting that is made up of playlists. Twice a month (or sometimes THREE TIMES!) I will make a playlist based on a certain theme of music that I love and want to share with you. It will be a mix of new music and classics, and I’m sorry Read more about Mixtape Mondays – Love Songs[…]

A New Year – For Positive Thoughts!

Happy New Year! (Even though it’s almost February!) I hope everyone survived the holiday season and are excited for the new year! This year I am working on positive thinking. I often find myself dwelling too much on the negative and it is not helping anyone, especially not me. So, my biggest new years resolution Read more about A New Year – For Positive Thoughts![…]

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